Friday, 7 May 2010

What Have You Learnt About Technologies From The Process Of Constructing This Product?

What Have You Learnt About Technologies From The Process Of Constructing This Product?

The aim of the project that we have been set is to design and make a working website, based around a charity. The website that i had to make must be of a high and working standard. To achieve this I used a variety of different technologies to construct my website. I am going to explain the different programmes I used to achieve my goal.

Adobe Photoshop

One of the programmes that I have learnt about and how to use is Adobe Photo shop. i used this programme to enhance the pictures that i gathered, to make them of a better quality and make the picture have more colours, which will bring it to life. Photo shop provided me with a variety of different options that helped used enhance the photos. The main reason for using photo shop was to design the logo and part of the background for the website for the website. i scanned in the image that i drew and wanted to use, then added colour and brought the picture to life in photo shop. At the beginning of the project I had very little experience in using photo shop, but after completing the website I can now say that I have gathered the basics on how to use soft ware.

I Web

The main programme that we used to develop the main website and preliminary website is I Web. At the beginning of the project I had no knowledge of I Web. It took me a while to learn the basics after being shown by my teacher. Once I was shown how to use the programme my website got completed very quickly. I found I Web very simple to use after I got showed the basics. The thing I liked about I Web was that it didn’t over complicate things, due to it having very simple tool bars, which allowed you to create a variety finishes to your work to make it look professional. I Web also allow you to create your website to the way that you want it. The only down side to using I Web is that it restricts you on some areas. It wouldn’t be a good programme to use if u wanted to create a top quality, professional website.


I have used the internet within my project to do a variety of different things. i firstly used it to look at other websites and the way they have laid them out and how they attract there target audience. i also used the internet to gather some information.

Microsoft word/excel

The most familiar programmes that I have used in the production and evaluation of my website is Microsoft word and Excel. i used Microsoft word to get the majority of the bulk of the work done. I produced all of my analysis work and print screen work in word. The second Microsoft programme i used was Excel. I was familiar with Excel, so didn’t find it that hard to use. i used this software for a small period of time just to analyse are results from are surveys. i gathered the results and processed them into a pie chart which enabled us to read the results easier. Using a pie chart also makes the results look neater and easier to read. Due to me coming across these programmes before it allowed me to complete my work quickly.


As well as taking a few pictures on the school cameras; i also used a simple mobile phone to take the majority of the animal photos. It is remarkable how highly pixelated mobile phone cameras have come in the modern time. The ‘Samsung Pixon’ has an 8 megapixel camera and its quality rivals any digital camera or professional camera. With a red-eye detector and flash, its high tech qualities are an asset to the website.

Apple Mac

Having a mac at home was a great help when starting this project as i was already familiar with navigating my way round and how to use it,however after this experience it has opened my eyes to other software on the computer and how to really use it to its full advantage.

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