Friday, 7 May 2010

Improved Website Brief

Improved Website Brief

The website that I am going to produce will be directly focused on a charity that I have chosen. The charity that I have chosen to base my website around is rspca. There are a variety of different reasons for this choice. One of the reasons is that rspca aimed to all people who own pets and are willing to help. A reason for my choice is that I believe in the principles of rspca, in that they care for the well being for the animals and their owners.

The audience that the rspca are targeting are pet owners who want to help. The audience that will try and target is very similar to the audience of rspca, due to me believing in the same morals as they do, however it is just based on dogs. The website will appeal to the target audience as it will contain a variety of relevant information concerning the charity. The website will contain content which will allow the public to get involved and donate. The website will include a page of how to get in contact with the charity and who they are actually helping.The audience will be determined to make a difference by fund raising and making donations towards the cause as that is what i aiming to do with the use of my pictures to draw an emotional response.

The website will appeal to the audience for it will contain a wide variety of relevant information concerning the charity. This information will contain, money raised and what has been done with the money that has already been fun raised. The information will also allow the readers to see what has been achieved by the charity.

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