Friday, 7 May 2010

How Did You Attract/ Address Your Audience ?

How Did You Attract/ Address Your Audience ?

Before i began i had a rough idea of the audience that i wanted to attract. Before i started designing,

i looked at a variety of different websites to see how they attracted there target audience and what i could use to attract mine.

My target audience is dog owners and people who care about dogs.


The language used within my website is very simple but straight to the point.

This means that people don’t loose then interest when reading about the charity and what it does.

i didn't include a lot of information on the pages due to it may put people off reading them, there is also alot of facts included.


The font used on my website is simple to read. i didn’t want a fancy text due to it being difficult to read sometimes.

The size of the text is mostly the same size throughout the website apart from different headlines and titles.


The colour used on my website is kept simple but draws the reader’s attention to certain parts of my website.

The titles down the side of the page stand out from the background making them easy to read and knowing where you want to go next.


The content on the website is positioned the same throughout, i wanted the pages of the website to be similar for this would resemble a

professional website. The donate option is place in the top left hand corner of the page.

The logo stays in the top left of the page for it is the first thing you see when you go on the website.

This attracts the audience for they are now made familiar to the webpage, and are now more likely to go on the website again.


The pictures i used and gathered on my website were all taken from dogs that my friends or family owned.

The pictures bring the website to life. The pictures allow the audience to be interested in other aspects of the website than just text.

The pictures bring the facts of these dogs alive.

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