Friday, 7 May 2010

How Does Your Media Product Represent Particular Social Groups ?

How Does Your Media Product Represent Particular Social Groups ?

Woofies is a charity based on dog owners which can’t afford the necessary health funds needed for their dog and to help dogs. The aim of the charity is to help owners and dogs. The audience that are website is aimed at is people who are willing to help dogs and their owners.


On my website i have used a few basic colours that create a calm feeling which enables easy use of the website. The colours used also make the website stand out, The use of three repetitive colours throughout the website creates a dramatic affect. The writing consists of two different colours, white and black. i have chosen these colours due to them standing out from the background.

Style of Language

The type of language used on my website is very sincere and appealing to the reader and entices an emotional response. i have chosen to use this approach of language because it begins to make the reader think about what they can do to help. The language draws the reader into different articles and could lead to them donating to the charity.

Content and style of the video

The video that i have used is the manager of woofies telling the viewer what woofies is all about and what they do to help there is also examples within the movie of how woofies has helped other dogs and their owners.

Layout and positioning of the page

I have included a variety of images on the website to draw the reader’s attention to important messages on our website. The pictures bring the facts to life.

I have included hyper links within the web pages which enables the reader to explore different pages of our website. The hyperlinks are positioned clearly around the page making them easy to find and access. Hyperlinks are a main convention and are mainly noticed on

other charity websites. The final item that I have included on the web pages is a logo. I created and designed the logo myself making it unique to woofies.

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